Friday, 10 October 2014

Guu Garden: Mayo everywhere!

First off, Happy Birthday to SexyNapkins! She decided upon Guu Garden for her dinner party, and besides this being hard to find, the atmosphere was great, like the other Guu locations. I hoped that inconvenience would be the only downside to this location, and right I was!

Guu Garden on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Guu Garden (visit their website here)
Location: M101-888, Nelson Street
Cuisine: Japanese, Izakaya, Tapas
Price range: $15-25 per person

Date of visit: October 10, 2014
Atmosphere: 4/5
Staff/service: 4/5
Food variety: 4/5
Food quality: 4/5
Buck worthy? 3/5

Since there were so many of us, we ordered separately. Adorables and I shared the food and were quite satisfied. We shared our food with others too, goodness we ordered too much for the two of us to eat haha!

First we got the Tako Uni Wasabi ($4.80). I was disappointed by how little uni there was, and how watery the piece was (maybe it was intended to be like that though haha). The uni complimented the tako wasabi, I quite enjoyed it. The wasabi was far too strong for me though. Nothing better than starting your night with some slimey, gooey, nose-clearing appie! ;)

Nothing new, but we ordered a small Ebi Mayo ($9.00). I was surprised at the size. There was a half dozen shrimp lined up nicely on a THICK bed of spicy mayo topped with some garnish and shrimp chip. Happy with the amount because my previous experiences with Guu has been.... expensive, pretty, but not filling. The shrimp were fresh and crunchy, nice size too. Flavors were your normal ebi mayo, but man, they sure did have a LOT of mayo on that plate.

Then arrived a Unagi Nuku-Sushi ($7.80). I'm a sucker for cute setups, and this just got me. Loved it! On the side there was some pickled veggies, they were sweet and a little tart, quite nice to cut the fatty feeling of unagi!

There was nice big piece of unagi on a bed of rice in a traditional steamer topped with some seaweed and underlined with a bamboo leaf. It was a bit difficult getting all the rice from the steamer because it wasn't lined fully and stuck to the steamer, but delicious nonetheless. The rice was steamed al dente and perfectly mixed with the fatty unagi. Yum!

I forgot what this was called, but it was something like Fish and Veggie Chips ($~9) from their special menu. It arrived on a bed of home-made tartar sauce (more mayo!). Although it looked like a lot, it was probably one piece of fried fish cut up into 5 pieces. The fish fell apart from the fried batter and became a mess. However, it was very crispy and light. The veggies included potatoes and lotus root. Some of the veggie chips were over-fried and burnt though :( The bed of tartar sauce was delicious, there was some egg white in it! :3

Finally, we also ordered large Green Bean Fries ($9.00). These were crispy, battered green beans. Quite interesting, but some of them fell apart as the batter didn't stick well to the beans. More mayo with this dish haha! I dipped some of mine into the ebi mayo's spicy mayo and it brought out more flavors ^-^

On the side, we nibbled some of HK's Saba Shima-Sushi, the rice was an odd brown color but overall tasted good! I normally don't like saba, but this one wasn't crazy sour like the other places. Good! It was topped with wasabi and a shisho leaf (I think).

Someone ordered a dish with deep fried bread-crumb crusted zuchinni and it was awesomeee. I loved the soft juicy zuchinni and the zesty tomato sauce with Parmesan cheese made it taste a bit italian, but still be able to taste the zuchinni. Also saw others order the Chicken Kaarage ($12.00 for large), and it was paired with mayo and looked really juicy and delicious!

Overall, enjoyed my meal. The staff were friendly but service was a bit slow. I like how they put in the effort to plate nicely with their delicious food. Portions were reasonable at this location, so I may be back to try more (their menu isn't very extensive though, not much selection). Either way, it was a great party for our wonderful foodie friend!!